What are Hype Beasts?

Zero layers. Gallery quality. Refined taste.

Disrupting the NFT art world.

Bear, bull, or unicorn, everyone loves the hype.

Impress your peers and stand out from the crowd with an OG Hype Beast. These expertly designed NFTs are for the most refined collectors. Handcrafted using cutting-edge technology, and exclusive to a budding community.

With holder IP rights, take your brand to new heights by aligning with a fast growing web3 powerhouse. Whether a seasoned trader, diamond-handed investor, or newbie, everyone agrees Hype Beasts are unparalleled.

Aura Exchange Verified Partner

Holder Perks

Contract icon

IP Rights

  • Gallery quality with no layers
  • 1×1 tokens
  • You own your beast(s)
  • Holder-only events with giveaways, exclusives, and more
  • Book Royalties*


  • Customize your Beast via traits
  • Access to unique content, like behind-the-scenes footage or VIP experiences
  • Priority access to limited edition merchandise
  • Discounts on merchandise and exclusive products
  • Early access to new products and releases

Active Community

  • Become a part of an active and thriving community
  • Play games, enter exclusive giveaways, become one with the herd
  • Future H2E and P2E rewards
  • Collaborations and partnerships with brands, organizations, and key stakeholders

*Only tokens featured in the book(s) are eligible for royalties.

Hype Beasts RoadMap (Banner (Landscape)) explaining where the project is going.