Hype Beasts Store: Officially Open for Business

We’re excited to announce that the online merchandise store is officially up and running, and it’s open for business. You’ll find it on our store page. Go ahead and take a peek, we’ll wait!

How to Customize Your Item(s)

Through the store you’ll be able to order any number of customized items. In order to customize the item — by adorning it with your very own beasts — you’ll need to share the Token ID for the NFT you want. You can get this by going to OpenSea and copying the ID or number shown here:

After you have the token ID, make sure to share the collection the NFT is from. For example, if you want a beast from the Haunted Hype Beasts collection, or the Holiday Hype Beasts collection, mention that, as well.

Where Do I Share This Information?

Open a ticket in Discord and let us know, it’s that easy!

Important: If you forget to do this you will get the item with the beasts shown in the product images.