What are Hype Beasts?

What Are Hype Beasts - featured image.

Hype Beasts are NFTs or non-fungible tokens. Each token is unique and contains artwork, specifically of a sophisticated beast, whether that’s a lion, bear, alligator, or some other beloved animal. First and foremost, they make excellent collectibles.

Like cryptocurrency, an NFT exists on the public blockchain. Which chain they are hosted on, depends on where the contract is located. For example, some of the Hype Beasts NFTs are on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain, while others are on the Ethereum chain. The big ones are always going to be Ethereum, like our OG (Genesis) collection which will be available soon.

Hype Beasts collections that are available now include:

How Do I Get a Hype Beasts NFT (Token)?

When minting is live you can mint unique tokens on the related chain. We will always share the mint page (dapp) here on our official site, so stay tuned. Just as a quick reminder, minted tokens have unique protections that keep the floor price from dropping too low.

For collections that have already minted out, such as our Haunted or Holiday Hype Beasts, you’ll need to visit a marketplace to buy, sell, or trade. OpenSea is the recommended place to do this, but there are alternatives, such as LooksRare.

How Do I Join the Hype Beasts Community?

We have an extremely active community that is always up to something — Hype doesn’t build itself, after all. Anyone can join, and you do not have to be a current holder to participate, although holders do get exclusive perks.

Every week we host events, like Royal Rumble games, trivia, and there are lots of prizes to win, including Hype Beast NFTs.

To join, head on over to the Hype Beasts discord, linked below.

Join the Hype Beasts Discord channel.
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