Hunt some eggs, have some fun, go home with a beast happy

Hype Beast Easter Egg Hunt

The Hype Beast Egg-citing Easter Extravaganza and egg hunt is officially underway! Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.

Here’s a quick tip. If you find an egg on the site and it’s really, really tiny, and you cannot read the number on the egg do the following:

Right Click > Open Image in New Tab > Profit

Remember, you can only win once! Feel free to continue searching for the rest of the eggs once you’ve found one.

When you’ve found an egg be sure to report it here so we know to send you a prize!

  • Regular egg = Hype City Beast
  • Golden egg = OG Hype Beast

The golden egg will be added at a random time during the event, and it will only stay available for a limited time, so you’ll need to keep checking back for that one!